• Studio A

    Studio A

    The Studio A suite is a spacious studio featuring a 2 nationally recognized live rooms and an isolation room. The control room measures 18’ X 25’ and is equipped with a 40 Channel Digidesign D-Command console. This room includes a Pro Tools HDX-2 system with an impressive plugin list and an extensive array of analog outboard gear. In addition to the digital gear, Studio A is equipped with a 16Ch Dangerous Music 2Bus+ Analog Summing System. The live room sounds amazing and measures 30’ X 45’ with a custom bamboo hardwood floor. Our piano room features a 1916 Steinway Baby Grand Piano for all of your recording needs.

    Live Room

    Live Room

    Live Room-1 is a large space containing a 1916 Steinway Baby Grand piano and and impressive collection of new and vintage guitar amps from Fender, Marshall, Orange, Mesa Boogie and Egnater. The unique design of the room offers multiple options and isolation for live musicians. We can accommodate any project from bands and small quartets all the way up to a large orchestra or string sections. The room has been acoustically designed and recently renovated.



    The Pre-Production Suite is an impressive room equipped with an abundance of software and essential tools to meet the needs of the most challenging projects. This studio is primarily used for Composition, Midi Sequencing and editing. Pre-Production contains a Pro Tools 12 system complimented by an Avid C24 Console capable of recording at sample rates up to 96khz.

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  • Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.

    Jimi Hendrix

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