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    Studio A

    Studio A

    The Studio A suite is a spacious studio featuring a nationally recognized live room and 5 isolation rooms. The control room measures 18’ X 25’ and is equipped with a 40 Channel Digidesign D-Command console. This room includes a Pro Tools HD6 system with an impressive plugin list and an extensive array of analog outboard gear. In addition to the digital gear, Studio A is equipped with a 24Ch SSL X-Rack Analog Summing System. The live room sounds amazing and measures 30’ X 45’ with a 14’ ceiling and hardwood floor. Our piano room features a 1922 Steinway Grand Piano for all of your recording needs.


    Studio B

    Studio B

    The Studio B Suite is a comfortable studio equipped with a 15’x18’ control room. Attached to the control room is a large 18’x22’ live room with 12ft ceilings. Adjacent to the live room is an 8’x10’ isolation room and a 7’x8’ vocal booth. Studio B is outfitted with a powerful ProTools HD4 recording system running version PT10.3 software and an array of plugins and third party software to accommodate even the most complex recording session.  Studio B has a comfortable vibe to help inspire the artist and creative mind.


    Studio C

    Studio C

    The Studio C Suite is an impressive room equipped with an abundance of software and essential tools to meet the needs of the most challenging projects. This studio is primarily used for Composition, Midi Sequencing and editing. Studio C contains a Pro Tools LE system complimented by a Digi 002 mixer capable of recording at sample rates up to 96khz.

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    Jimi Hendrix

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