Arlington Church

On June 10th Lava Room Recording sent a team over to Arlington Church of God in Akron for a live multitrack recording. Hundreds of congregation members gathered for this historic show celebrating the 100th anniversary of Arlington. The live recording will serve as a means for church members to relive this milestone moment, and the proceeds raised by CD sales will act as a fundraiser.

Live remote recording is a service not many know we offer, but many area churches (as well as other organizations) utilize us every year to capture and create memories that will last generations.

swoopeBand leader Allen Swoope, more notably known as the Christian rapper, “Swoope”, helped organize and execute this huge undertaking. The Swoope family plays a large role at Arlington, including Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Diana L. Swoope, and Christian Academy leader Lawrence A Swoope.

Allen’s music has been widely recognized including charting on the Billboard Top 100, Top Christian Albums, Top Independent Albums, Top Rap Albums, Top Gospel Albums, and many more. Recently, Swoope has taken a step back from the scene, and when asked why he says he would rather make something of substance than make something just to stay relevant. “Relevancy is solely dependent on the Holy Spirit,” Swoope says during an interview with Rapzilla. He also recently announced he has left his small town label, Collision Records, and is moving on to something bigger to spread his music and love for God. He has a unique way of connecting with youth of today and expressing God’s love in a way that kids are open to receiving it.

Arlington Church 2 It goes without saying, Allen Swoope is a huge part of the Arlington Church of God, and he fills the room with passion and love which really brings everything to life. He fearlessly leads a choir and full band for his congregation and brings glory to His name with all that he does.



Congratulations to Arlington Church of God on their 100 years!

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