blindside drop 2There must be somethin’ in the water here at Lava Room Recording because everyone coming through the doors is having great success. Blindside Drop was in the studio in April recording their sophomore album “Wish” which they just released on July 9th at the Thompson House in Newport, KY. A record breaking show for being one of the most successful local shows by way of ticket sales and overall profit made from the show for venue, promoter, and bands.

BlindsideBlindside Drop is a hard rock alternative band from Winchester, KY with guitarists Mark Wolf and Stefany Moran, bassist Michael Wolf, drummer Ryan Profitt, and last but not least Brittany Means on vocals. Their new album has been critically acclaimed with an article in AudioVein Entertainment and received extremely well in CD and song sales, streams, and overall reaction from fans. The band’s lead single “Wish” received radio time on 96 rock in Cincinnati, Ohio among other radio stations.

The first two songs on the album are actually rewrites to songs on their first album but many people think the rewriting and rerecording showed “miles of musical improvement”. The singer, Brittany Means, is especially favored by the fans and is said to have a voice that is “the closest a person has ever sounded to a legitimate angel”. With her always cool hair and amazing stage presence the band as a whole has constant growth and the fans are overjoyed. This album has tons of variety throughout; from heavy bass to a slow and steady pace, and when you’re done listening to the entirety of the album you’re left with a satisfaction that you were just a part of something great.

BSDBlindside Drop will be continuing to tour through Ohio and Kentucky starting August 6th in Hamilton, OH at the Tapout Bar, August 13th at the Thompson House in Newport Kentucky, and September 16th at the Genesis Center in Lexington, KY. You can find their music on every platform from iTunes to Amazon and you can find all their information on either their Facebook page or their website.

Good luck on your tour and we hope to see you soon!