john_delancieBlizzard Entertainment booked recording session time on March 21st 2016 to work on an upcoming expansion release for the hit video game “Starcraft 2-Legacy of the Void”. One of the fan favorites, “Alarak” was the character voice-over being recorded. Alarak is voiced by famous actor, John de lancie who is a veteran in the industry as an actor, comedian and character voice actor. John has had a long successful career in the entertainment industry and is well known from his role as “Q” from Star Trek Next Generation among other roles in television and film spanning back to the beginning of his career in 1977.

Alarak is the highlord of the Tal’darim.[2] AlarakHe was previously the First Ascendant in the Chain of Ascension under Highlord Ma’lash.[3]During the End War, Alarak used his alliance with the Daelaam to overthrow and replace Ma’lash, and turn the Tal’darim against Amon.

It was amazing to see John de lancie really become the character as we were recording his lines. There is a level of talent that many don’t think about as they play their video games or what really goes into the creation of a game like this. Sessions like this really make me appreciate the talent and creators of modern video games. We look forward to future sessions with talents like John de lancie and Blizzard Entertainment.