Above The Atlantic, Phunky Panda Monkeys, The Strange Familiar

What’s Happening at Lava Room Recording?

August 2012 – Week One

Cleveland’s Premier Recording Studio!

Mike Brown (owner, chief engineer, producer) and Chris Ebbert (engineer, producer) have been working with an exciting young group to create a funky new sound. Mike and Chris have tag-teamed quite often over the years, bringing out the very best sound and final recording for both solo artists and groups. This time the Lava Room Duo teamed up with the Phunky Panda Monkeys to work on a funk project. The resulting sound is exciting and this group of seventeen to nineteen year old musicians has a solid future given the right combination of talent, technical support, and marketing.

The Phunky Panda Monkeys may indeed be yet another young group to emerge from Lava Room Recording! Watch for the Phunky Panda Monkeys going into the fall of 2012 and beyond as they spread their wings and their funky sound…they may just have what it takes. Their project is ready for mixdown.

Time, talent, and the right team behind them will make all the difference. And so far, the Phunky Panda Monkeys are making all the right moves.

Mike Brown often teams up with Chris Ebbert. Chris is Mike’s go-to guy and right hand. Their abilities and talent complement each other and combine to create a sound and a finished product that is second-to-none…not only in Cleveland but throughout the Midwest.

Right now, Lava Room Recording is one of the hottest recording studios from NYC to LA!

The fact is, very few recording studios can compare….Lava Room Recording has it all:

  • Great atmosphere
  • Incredible studios
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • One of the best music engineering and production staffs in the country
  • A Killer Client List
  • A reputation that will open doors
  • And so much more…

The list of musicians who’ve come through the doors of Lava Room Recording over the past few years, and, in particular, since the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is amazing!

For more about just who has rehearsed and recorded at Lava Room Recording, see Lava Room Recording, The James Gang, and Cleveland Rock and Roll History. If you really want to blow your hair back? Check out Lava Room Recording’s client list.

Lava Room Recording’s spring and summer of 2012 have been incredible!

Above The Atlantic wrapped up their recording of the new single
Time and Mike Brown has just finished the final mixing. Above The Atlantic is an amazing young band with miles of talent and all the potential to make it big.

Mike Brown is very big on Above The Atlantic and feels their new single is a quantum leap forward.

The new single is quite different from their older stuff, but it sounds amazing. Time has more of a live, indie feel and the sound is reminiscent of the sound that has catapulted Train to super group status. Mike and the band really focused on capturing all sounds live to tape and we think their fans, old and new, are going to love it.

We certainly do!

Above The Atlantic is ready. We feel they have the right mix of talent and intelligence, combined with a very loyal following, to take this whole thing to the next level. They are yet another Lava Room Recording band ready to break out.

We’re excited to be a part of it!

As mentioned last week, Chris Ebbert has been working with Sam Hosmer. Chris and Sam are nearly through the overdub phase and this project looks fantastic. Finally, Chris and Sam have finished all drums, bass, and rhythm guitar and have 2 more leads to lay, some keys, and the vocals before reaching mixdown.

And talk about amazing!

Chris Ebbert has also finished up a project with Gospel artist and platinum keyboardist Lafayette Carthon.

Lafayette Carthon has been featured on a few Billboard’s chart-topping records, including:

Set for release August 17, 2012, four of the songs on the record were recorded at Lava Room Recording.

Additionally, Lava Room Recording did a very quick mix for twelve of the sixteen songs on the record. Once again, Lava Room Recording is the place to record for emerging and established artists alike…the premier recording studio between NYC and LA and widely acknowledged as one of the best recording studios in the country!

Brad is working on several mixes for the indie-surf band 123WOW. He is also working on mixing another project with Dual Identity. Because Brad devotes every ounce of energy and passion to the artists he works with, his work is first-rate and the mixes are going to be amazing.

Chris Ebbert also worked with Brian Piper, one of his students through the Recording Connection, on a track with The Strange Familiar for Brian’s Final Project.

The Strange Familiar have licensed songs to ABC Family for shows including:

  • Secret Life of the American Teenager
  • Pretty Little Liars

They worked on a single that will be licensed for use in an upcoming documentary. You can check out the photos below!

Finally, and also attached, is a photo of guitars being re-amped through our Leslie cabinet during the Sam Hosmer recording sessions.

Things are indeed cooking at Lava Room Recording!

Kira at Lava Room Recording


Leslie Re_Amp at Lava Room Recording - Cleveland's Premier Recording Studio

Leslie Re-Amp

Jeff_TSF Tuning

Jeff_TSF Tuning at Lava Room Recording





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Thanks from Mike, Chris, Brad, Evan, Brian, and the rest of the Lava Room Recording staff!

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