Taking Back Sunday Glides into Lava Room Recording!

That’s right! Taking Back Sunday dropped anchor at Cleveland’s premier recording studio, Lava Room Recording, for 3 days of rehearsals and recording to prepare for their October 4th, House of Blues show and their upcoming tour.

Taking Back Sunday spent an incredible 10-12 hrs a day meticulously arranging and rehearsing a collection of their hit songs that will make up their set list for their performance at their above-mentioned House Of Blues performance on Thursday of last week.

Taking Back Sunday Chooses Cleveland's Premier Recording Studio - Lava Room Recording

Taking Back Sunday Teams Up with Lava Room Recording

*NOTE: We promised to keep a lid on all of this until after Taking Back Sunday’s House of Blues show last Thursday, for obvious reasons. However, now that the guys have put on another killer show and have moved on down the road, we can fill you in on what was, to say the least, one very cool week!

Below, you will see an aerial shot of Lava Room Recording’s Live Room, all set up for Taking Back Sunday. Lava Room Recording’s Live Room is just one of the many reasons why professional musicians, in any genre, consistently select Lava Room Recording when they are in Cleveland. Combine the Lava Room Recording Live Room with Studio A and an expert staff and you’ll begin to understand why many musicians are coming to Cleveland specifically to work with Mike Brown, Chris Ebbert, and the rest of the Lava Room Recording staff.

Lava Room Recording isn’t just a Cleveland recording studio!

When you choose Lava Room Recording, you get a combination you will be hard pressed to duplicate…anywhere!

  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • And a Facility that is Second-to-None

For the above-mentioned reasons and many more, time and time again the pros pick Cleveland’s premier recording studio, Lava Room Recording!

Here’s a bit of what went on last week at Lava Room Recording with Taking Back Sunday:

Mike Brown and Chris Ebbert traded seats throughout the days recording and mixing while the band worked on their material. The entire Lava Room Recording staff was on hand from the initial setup on day one right through their departure, helping to keep the days running on schedule and without a glitch.

Taking Back Sunday and Cleveland's Premier Recording Studio - Lava Room Recording

Taking Back Sunday is Ready to Rehearse and Record in Lava Room Recording's Live Room

It was a real pleasure working with Taking Back Sunday!

The members of Taking Back Sunday, and their management, are just an amazing group of guys. It was a blast watching the band perform!

Witnessing the level of talent and the chemistry among the members of the band was incredible. There was a friendly banter that went back and forth between members throughout the day. Taking Back Sunday is clearly a professional group with the right mix of chemistry, talent, and professionalism to be one of rock and rolls great bands for years to come.

We would especially like to thank all of those involved in Taking Back Sunday’s decision to select Lava Room Recording prior to the House of Blues show. We wish you all the best as you demonstrate to the rest of the world what the Lava Room Recording staff already knows…

Taking Back Sunday is a Class Act…in Every Sense!

Good Luck TBS…and Thank You!

What Else Happened During the First Week of October at Lava Room Recording?

How do you follow that?

Well, we have several promising young artists who promise to capture and be featured as the Emerging Artist of the Month for October.

Brad Puette ended up the month of September 2012 working with Youngstown’s rapper Baker. Brad and Baker finished the last of the recordings for his upcoming project entitled Baked. Baked is being produced by Field Day (Brad and his partner Marcus Ward).

Brad and his newest client, LP, did some work during the graveyard shift, recording most of LP’s newest project. They began mixing on Wednesday.

Brad’s local Folk/Bluegrass group KJ Blues was back in the recording studio last week, working on a number of mixes. The project finished up towards the end of last week.

German producer Shaghie was in mixing a new single he has in the works for a Columbus singer. Archetype ENT group Ancestral Warship was also in again laying basic tracks for their upcoming project.

Chris Ebbert finished up a new track for a group called Our Cellar Door produced by HumbleHeroz Productions. We mentioned Our Cellar Door in our last update. The track is a cut with just piano and a vocal called Never Hit the Ground. Never Hit the Ground will be released with a video within the next month. Our Cellar Door’s vocalist is Chayla Hope.

Chris Ebbert began mixing The Spiritual Hi-Lites (also mentioned in our last update) record last week. The Spiritual Hi-Lites’ project will continue through Oct. 19th…after this week’s rehearsal. The record should be finished by the end of October. Mike Brown (owner, chief engineer, and producer) will be mastering it.

Evan Doyle has been working with a pop artist named Teala Lewis. They just finished vocals on her single entitled ‘Losin’ Myself‘. Think of a cross between Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. They will be mixed the track this past Sunday evening and the song will be released on iTunes, Amazon, and other online stores within the next month.

Evan has also been working with rapper Menace on his new mixtape. They have done 25 tracks so far and that will be trimmed down prior to release…set for the New Year.

A Note of Encouragement and a Challenge from the Lava Room Recording staff:

We want to congratulate all of our emerging artists on the work they’ve been doing. For those of you who were lucky enough to be here over Taking Back Sunday’s stay, you may now have a real sense for just what it it takes to get to the top…and how exciting that ride can be!

Lava Room Recording, its staff, and its associates are committed to one end…providing you with all the support we can to ensure that you make it to the top too!

So, if you are a recording artist and you would like to take your craft to the next level, speak up! If you have not yet discovered why professionals from Joe Walsh and The James Gang to Taking Back Sunday choose Lava Room Recording, then stop by, take a look around, and take advantage of our ongoing Consultation Plus 60 promotion.

There has never been a better time than right now…todayto make your dreams a reality!

Contact Mike Brown, Chris Ebbert, or any of the members of the Lava Room Recording team.

Find out for yourself why Lava Room Recording is truly Cleveland’s Premier Recording Studio for professionals and emerging artists alike!

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