David Barton 1Lava Room Recording was thrilled to have Songwriter, Teacher, and Creator of rock musical, This Moment Needs You, David Barton, in house for a session on October 8th. Originally from Ohio, David has returned to Cleveland to track the first three songs from his upcoming rock musical at Lava Room Recording. Over the next few days Lava Room owner, Mike Brown, will be the main engineer on the studio project. In total, Barton has written 20 songs for the musical, but will only be cutting 12 tracks for the album.

David Barton is known for his talents as a creative educator teaching songwriting, arranging, and production. Over the past several years Barton has been making a name for himself  having many of his original works  licensed for programs featured on Showtime, MTV, VH1, and The E Channel. Some of Barton’s other work includes his creative involvement in commercials, podcasts, videos and theatre. David’s main project right now is recording an album for his musical, This Moment Needs You.

The first line of the main musical number states “If life were a musical tonight I’d just sing and everything would rhyme. We’d hate each other at the start but I’d play a song and win your heart.” This Moment Needs You is performed by Barton’s Bloomington, Indiana based band, Love Has Teeth. Barton described his musical as an alternative rock and indie folk production with actors, live art, and dancing. Everything surrounds the story of characters Remy and Jones and is slightly different each night based on input from the audience. “It is not your typical musical,” said Barton.

The musical is a play on romantic comedies as it is a story about a talented songwriter who wonders why no one likes him. After he meets and falls in love with a woman who is barista at a coffee shop he stops writing music and the woman wonders why because it is the reason she fell in love. He said that he didn’t need to write anymore because before he was frustrated with God. Everyone around him was successful, falling in love or getting married and he wrote those songs asking why things couldn’t work out for him. She felt that he was made to write those songs and if she was getting in the way of that then she had to leave him.  Barton said, ” This story is about how each of them do or do not make sense of that. If you are in the first three rows the actors will talk to you directly and ask for your opinion generating  several alternate endings with a different story and different songs that aren’t on the album. So the only way to hear them is to come to a show.”

Barton Session GuitarOnce everything is tracked and complete at Lava Room Recording Barton’s next steps are to have a premier and begin showing his musical. Barton said, ” I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it’s an exciting process. I think we are in an era where people enjoy not just to look at entertainment, but to be a part of it.” This is the kind of interactive experience he hopes his audience will enjoy. As for now Barton is staying focused on completing the 12 song album.

To stay up to date on Dave Barton’s band, Love Has Teeth, or for more information about This Moment Needs You, visit www.lovehasteeth.com and soundcloud.com/lovehasteeth