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The past couple of weeks the members of Forged in Flame have been in Studio A tracking vocals and guitar with engineer Mike Brown. From Cleveland, Forged in Flame has been together for about 8 years now. They’re very excited to be recording as they have been working on some of these songs for 4 years now and their passion for their music is still scorching.

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Forged in Flame can be described as a stoner rock band with elements of metal and a splash of prog-doom for good measure. Lead singer Gary Kane brings a lot of life to the band and his energy just doesn’t quit. At one point Mike asked Gary if we should take a break and Gary said through the glass, “Let’s go until these wheels fall off” at which point no one in the room was surprised including guitarist Cyril Blandino, guitarist Scott Young and drummer Jon Vinson. The enthusiasm this band has for their music makes it very enjoyable and entertaining to work with them.

In 2008 Forged in Flame independently released an EP with 4 songs and in 2010 they contributed an exclusive song “The Underground” for Australian label Planet Fuzz Record’s compilation “Cowbells and Cobwebs”. Forged in Ohio “EP, Vinyl 7” split w/The Ohio Sky” was released in 2010. Their first EP sold over a thousand copies and the FIF fans are itching for new songs.

Gary and Mike

The last time Forged in Flame has been out in front of a crowd was late 2011 early 2012 when they were on tour with Finland band Korpiklaani traveling around the United States and Canada. For a while they tried to record this album multiple times but they just couldn’t get it how they wanted it and this time at Lava Room they finally got it right.
Since they’ve been off the scene for a while they plan on doing a lot of local shows in Cleveland to get back into the swing of the things. The time playing local shows will also be spent getting the fans amped up for their new album, Serpent Sounds.

With hopes of releasing their first full-length album titled ‘Serpent Sounds’ this year the Forged in Flame fans are in for a treat. In the past they have gone on a North American tour and they have a hankering to do the same with Serpent Sounds.

Check out Forged in Flame on FaceBook and give them a follow if you want to follow their new album and tour dates.