Mike Brown Discusses Expectations

and the

Road to a Successful Recording

In this video Mike Brown, the owner, producer, and chief engineer of Lava Room Recording talks about one of the key ingredients to a good relationship and a great recording:


In this video Mike talks about what a recording artist can expect from the producer and chief sound engineer. Additionally, Mike discusses what he expects from the artist. Creating a first rate recording is a two way street and clarifying expectations is a crucial component.

Typically, it is during this stage that the recording artist and studio personnel plan what is going to take place during the recording process. The better the plan and the clearer the expectations, the easier the process will go and the better the final product will be.

Booking Studio Time: Planning the Recording

It is here that we will book time for the basic recording sessions, the overdub sessions, the sessions for tracking guitars, for tracking vocals, and for layering and mixing. All of the specifics are planned for during this final session.

At this point, the artist should be fully prepared because time is at a premium. The artist should know the material and be sure that everyone supporting the recording, and/or in the band, is on the same page.

Lava Room Recording and Staff

You can expect the same thing from the professional staff of Lava Room Recording. We will have listened to the demos, talked about arrangements during the consultation and in the interim, while planning out what will happen next. By now, we’ve discussed the instrumentation that will be part of the song or songs and the sound we are going for. We have nailed down all of the final details, the keys that make up a quality product, a hit song, have been ironed out.

Once we are certain we have everything covered, the next step is to start the recording process.

In the next video we will discuss the next step in the recording process. We will discuss in greater detail How to Succeed in the Music Business.

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