The Ingredients for Success

How to “Make It” in the Music Business

The Key Ingredients Shared

1) A professional producer – Experienced in recording and all that comes afterwards.

2) An experienced chief  audio engineer – And access to the right equipment so you don’t sound like just another garage band!

3) A professional recording studio run by a professional staff of highly trained personnel – The right facility and staff that can bring it all together.

First impressions are important.

No, first impressions are everything!

Having the right producer, sound engineer, and support staff on your team can mean the difference between making it in the music business as a recording artist or not. Making the right decisions along the way will move you that much closer to becoming a recording artist.

Mike Brown of Lava Room Recording in Cleveland, Ohio will take you through the entire process, step-by-step. Mike will share with you each step in the process:

  • Seeking out just the right recording studio
  • The proper questions to ask during the initial consultation
  • The recording process and what to expect
  • What comes after the record is cut and you have your first EP in hand
  • And many more issues you need to address if you hope to make it in the music business


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