Succeeding in the Music Business is Hard Work!

This video entitled How to Succeed in the Music Business: Voice Tracking will deal with voice tracking, dubbing, overdubbing, layering, and more.

Making it in the music business takes talent, combined with the proper support and an understanding of how to create the right sound and the right image.

Tracking is hard work!

Tracking is as far from the glamorous image many artists have about making it in the music business as one can get.

The initial video and blog post in the series introduced Mike Brown of Lava Room Recording, Cleveland, Ohio. Mike is the owner, chief engineer, and record producer for Lava Room Recording. Mike has years of experience in the music business and he’s worked with many of the most recognizable names in the music business, past and present.

In this video, Mike Brown will discuss the way the various tracks are laid down. Mike will take us into the heart of the recording process, as we discover what it takes to make it as a recording artist or band in the 21st Century.

In fact, in just the past few months alone, Coca-Cola has filmed its newest video with Christina Grimmie on Taio Cruz’s “Higher!”

Lava Room Recording is also the recording home for pop sensation Keyshia Cole!

Keyshia Cole has been working on a new album with Mike Brown, Chris Ebbert, and the Lava Room Recording staff over the past several months.

To this point in the series we have covered the following:

Once again, this video will deal with voice tracking, dubbing, overdubbing, layering, and more.

Check back this weekend for the next blog post and video in the How to Succeed in the Music Business series!

If you’d like to find out for yourself what it takes, contact Mike Brown. As you know from the video entitled How to Succeed in the Music Business: The Consultation, the initial consultation is free. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, Mike Brown and his team of recording engineers and producers can and will make it happen for you.

Contact Mike or Chris anytime!

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