Mike Brown’s dream was to create a recording studio that is second-to-none, and to do so in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame city, Cleveland, Ohio.

So, when The 27th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony returned to Cleveland for a week of events beginning April 5, 2012 and culminating with the Induction Ceremony on April 14, 2012, it was also the culmination of a dream-come-true for Mike Brown when the word went out that there was really only one place for rock and roll royalty, the likes of Rod Stewart and The Small Faces and the Faces to prepare for the show.

The Small Faces Rehearse at Lava Room Recording - Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2012

Kenney Jones (drums; born September 16, 1948), Ronnie Lane (bass, vocals; born April 1, 1946, died June 4, 1997), Ian McLagan (keyboards; born May 12, 1945), Steve Marriott (vocals, guitar; born January 30, 1947, died April 20, 1991), Rod Stewart (vocals; born January 10, 1945), Ron Wood (guitar, vocals; born June 1,1947)

Mike Brown’s Lava Room Recording!

Mike Brown has poured every ounce of himself into what is now recognized by people in the know as not only the best recording studio in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame City, Cleveland, Ohio, but Lava Room Recording is recognized by many as one of the best audio recording and producing studios between NYC and LA.

Just ask the members of The James Gang:

The James Gang at Mike Brown's Lava Room Recording. Dale Peters, Bill Szymczyk, Jimmy Fox, and Joe Walsh.

The James Gang at Lava Room Recording (L-R, Dale Peters, Bill Szymczyk, Jimmy Fox, Joe Walsh

 Joe Walsh, Dale Peters, Bill Szymczyk, and Jimmy Fox, also known as The James Gang, knew there was only one place for their return to the recording studio and their roots.

The James Gang Rides Again

And they’re riding again while recording in the one Cleveland recording studio that all of the top recording artists visit when they need to get down to business and tap into the expertise of Lava Room Recording’s owner, chief audio engineer, and producer…one of the best ears in the record business…Mike Brown.

I could continue on for a long time but what is even more impressive is the list of artists Mike Brown has worked with, many of whom now call Lava Room Recording home.

So, here is a partial list of recording artists Mike Brown has worked with over the years. Perhaps even more exciting is the list of emerging, new artists Mike Brown is currently working with…the next generation of rock and roll greats!

National Client List (click here)

Lava Room Recording is recording at its best!

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