LAVA-Studio-A-LiveYour band is searching for a studio to record your next project. During the search, you find a studio that looks like the perfect space with a producer you’ve always wanted to collaborate with. You also notice that the studio has worked with big-name artists, A-list celebrities and large corporations.

The first thing that pops into your head is “we can’t afford this place.”

The most common misconception bands have about high-quality, premier recording studios is that they aren’t affordable. Granted, some are outrageously priced. But not all of us charge sky-high rates. Using Lava Room Recording as an example, this post will prove that bands on a tight budget can still afford a high-quality, world-class recording studio.

Every Project Matters

The crew at Lava Room Recording views every project as important, whether the artist is Michael Bolton or your cousin’s college band. Our commitment to a project is never determined by how well known the artist is or how much money the artist is willing to spend. We are in business because we love to help artists make music.

If you get the feeling your band isn’t “big enough” for a studio, run away. Run away as fast as you can. You don’t want to work with them anyways.

Practice Makes Perfect

We’ve all heard the old saying “practice makes perfect.” When you are paying by the hour in a professional studio, practice makes a world of a difference.

Many inexperienced bands can fall into a budget black hole by burning precious hours writing, rehearsing and reconfiguring songs on the spot. There are two easy ways to save time and money in the studio:

  • Rehearse all the songs for the record weeks leading up to your studio sessions. Rehearsals allow everyone in the band to try new ideas, alter arrangements, make mistakes and ensure songs are in a good place before you have to pay for studio time.
  • Record rough demos of all your material. You can listen to these demos as a band and send them to the producer ahead of time so he or she may provide feedback and become familiar with the songs.

Practice, practice, practice! When you think you’ve practiced enough, practice some more. It will save you money, time and headaches. Most importantly, practice will make you sound better. 

Financing Options

Historically, there haven’t been many options for bands to finance an independent project at a recording studio. But with time comes change. The financing landscape has evolved to include independent artists and musicians.

Recently Lava Room Recording partnered with The HELPcard to offer artists financing for any recording project beyond conventional lending. The HELPcard specifically offers:

  • Small, affordable payments, designed to fit any budget.
  • Instant approvals.
  • Automatic payment draft.
  • Account management from an easy-to-use website.

The overall lesson is to never shy away from a recording studio just because it may seem out of your price range. Contact the studio, gather as much information as possible, ask the right questions and schedule a tour of the facilities. Perform due diligence and you’ll know what studio best fits your needs and your budget.

If you are an independent artist or band with a project idea, the Lava Room Recording staff is interested to learn more. We want to talk to you about how we can help make your idea a reality. Drop us a line at 216-334-1172 or schedule a tour of the studio.