Cleveland’s Premier Recording Studio, Emerging Artists, More Emerging Artists, and Consultation Plus 60

It’s been an absolutely incredible spring/summer season here at Cleveland’s premier recording studio, Lava Room Recording!

In fact, summer started early for us this year!

If you haven’t heard about the rock and roll legends who rehearsed and recorded here over the spring and summer of 2012, you should take a moment, after you’re finished here of course, and check it out at Lava Room Recording, The James Gang, and Cleveland Rock and Roll History.

I can’t even begin to tell what an amazing experience it’s been to have Joe Walsh and The James Gang, Rod Stewart and The Small Faces, Michael Stanley, and so many other amazing musicians come through our doors over the past six months.

Lava Room Recording has firmly established itself and Cleveland’s number one recording studio! 

Take a look at Lava Room Recording’s list of clients and you’ll see why, if you are interested in taking your career to the next level, you absolutely must talk to Mike Brown, Chris Ebbert, Brad Puette, or any of the other fine producers and engineers on staff at Lava Room Recording.

Lava Room Recording has had several established and emerging solo artists and groups mix, track, master, and release new songs, EPs, and albums over the spring/summer 2012 season (see our Home page).

123wOw and the Handsome Men’s Club EP


Lava Room Recording Announces 123wOw's Release of the Handsome Men's Club EP

Emerging artist 123wOw’s new EP, Handsome Men’s Club, is as good as it gets and a giant step forward for the band. Brad Puette finished mixing, Mike Brown mastered, and 123wOw released the new EP on August 21, 2012. The new EP is available through iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, and Google Play.

Austin England is another emerging artist who has teamed up with the Brad Puette and the Lava Room Recording staff. Austin is from the UK but has made Cleveland her home. Currently, Austin is tracking two songs with Brad.

Brad Puette is also mixing for the duo Dual Identity. Brad has worked with Dual Identity in the past and this new project should wrap up in a couple of months. Brad Puette is a valued member of the Lava Room Recording staff. He has a constant stream of musicians seeking him out and does fine work.

Brad also did some work for a Rap band named Ancestral Starship, part of Archetype ENT. No news on releases for either of these projects at the moment.

Brad Puette’s project with Danny London is going well. Release is set for some time in October. Danny London’s Love Right is a very cool single and an excellent example of what is possible when a talented emerging artist comes together with an outstanding producer.

Danny London Teams Up With Cleveland's Premier Recording Studio Lava Room Recording and Producer Brad Puette

You can check out Brad’s Twitter page for more Lava Room Recording and Cleveland recording studio and music scene updates. 

Mike Brown (owner, producer, chief engineer) is continuing his work with Phunky Panda Monkeys. The Phunky Panda Monkeys have reached the mixdown stage; and, so far, the project sounds great.

The Phunky Panda Monkeys

Kyle Snook – Guitar/Vocals
Nikhil Krishnan – Guitar/Vocals
Tyler Elwing – Keys/Vocals
Ryan Folger – Drums
Jeremy Kulbarsh – Bass
Eric Levine – Trumpet
John Spilker – Trombone
Henry Ross – Tenor Sax/Bari Sax

Mike Brown is also been working with a group called Blackbear. Blackbear is a side project started by Ricky Hamilton, drummer for Above The Atlantic, and Mike will be mastering and album for this exciting new group.

Mike has been working on a new record for rock band Ten Hammers. They cut basics to a few more songs and recently got some acoustic guitar laid for another tune. Ten Hammers members Alex and David describe their sound as a combination of Metallica, Pantera, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Iron Maiden.

Ten Hammers' Members Alex and David Team with Mike Brown and Lava Room Recording

Finally, Mike Brown also worked with Bobby Selvaggio on a new jazz album over a two day period. The album promises to be nothing short of amazing. Final mix will be done in NYC.

Jazz, the Saxophone, Bobby Selvaggio, Mike Brown, and Lava Room Recording

Chris Ebbert (engineer and producer) just finished producing and mixing a track that was recorded by one of his students, Shon Heersink (and Chris). The band is Goodnight City Lights. Goodnight City Lights is building a solid base of fans both locally and throughout the US. The track is a cover that’s set to be released for free once it is mastered. Upon approval from the band, we will release the name of the track they covered to our subscribers.

Goodnight City Lights

TJ Horansky
Reilly O’Neill
Matt Svoboda
Paul Butcher
Mike Jansen

So sign up today!

Goodnight City Lights Teams Up with Lava Room Recording

Chris Ebbert also began working with emerging indie/rock artist Michelle Gaw in August. Chris and Michelle hit the studio in order to cut the demo but after one day of tracking, they decided to halt the project and focus  instead on putting an EP together. Michelle Gaw is an extremely talented young songwriter and we expect great things from her.

Emerging Solo Artist Michelle Gaw on Guitar is Working with Lava Room Recording's Chris Ebbert

Here’s a link to Michelle’s Kickstarter Campaign. It would be awesome if our readers, followers, subscribers, and friends would help Michelle. Look for Michelle Gaw to be a future Featured Emerging Artist here on!

Chris Ebbert is also working with emerging solo artist Angelique LaFleur. Angelique is wrapping up the pre-pro she needed for her EP and, like Michelle, we expect big things from her. In fact, Angelique LaFleur and Michelle Gaw are actually going to be doing some work together, including helping to round each other out vocally.

Annie LaFleur Teams Up with Lava Room Recording's Chris Ebbert

Angelique LaFleur and Michelle Gaw may even do a collab that will be featured on both EPs!

Great things come when you establish a solid relationship with the right recording studio, producer, and engineer. We are very happy to help the talented emerging artists working with us find their voice and provide all the assistance we can to assure their success.

Chris Ebbert is continuing to work with the Christian/Folk group Morning Star. Morning Star has been in the studio and is continuing the tracking for their new album.

Chris has also been working with Hopera World

Adrian Dunn
Steve Dukes
Darryle DJ Abernathy
Donald Manuel
Kim Perdue

Hopera World is a self-described movement in music:

“Adrian Dunn & Hopera-a Hip Hop Opera is a new movement in music. This is a fusion of Hip Hop and Opera to create a fresh new sound the world has never heard.”

Hopera World and Lava Room Recording Come Together

Finally, Chris has finished up the tracks for yet another emerging artist, Bryan Martin. Bryan will be touring in Europe over the next couple of weeks. Bryan Martin’s sound is said to be quite unique, a Dance/Pop/R&B sound very similar to Chris Brown meets Ne-Yo. We have been recording, mixing, and tracking 2 tunes for Bryan and his dance tune Krave is ready for release…the other some time next week.

Brian Piper is one of our new assistant engineers and we welcome him to the Lava Room Recording staff! Brian recently did a session with Jacob Frish. Jacob is a talented, young emerging artist, a singer/songwriter with a great sound. You can check Jacob out on his YouTube Channel.

Emerging Artist Jacob Frish Teams Up with Lava Room Recording

Lava Room Recording’s Consultation Plus 60

Do you have what it takes to succeed in the music business? Have you wondered whether or not to pursue your dreams and become a recording artist, group, or band?

Well, we here at Lava Room Recording live, eat, breath, and sleep music…it is our world and our lives. That is why it is so gratifying to see so many young, talented artists, what we refer to as Emerging Artists, make it in the music business. That is why we offer the Consultation Plus 6o! The Consultation Plus 60 gives a solo artist, group, or band in any genre the opportunity to come in, meet with the staff, sit down for a professional consultation, take an hour to record, and then receive an honest evaluation from a group of producers and engineers who know the music business and have worked with some of the greatest names in rock and roll.

Sound like something you’ve been looking for? What do you have to lose?

Call today and ask about the Consultation Plus 60!

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